Tel: 07851 913345 for help and advice sourcing your coffee equipment


Tel: 07851 913345 for help and advice sourcing your coffee equipment


Tel: 07851 913345 for help and advice sourcing your coffee equipment


WMF 1200S - Bean to Cup Machine


Bean to Cup machines are manufactured to different volume categories. The coffee machine has to be matched to daily cups/day requirements/estimates, drink size and how quickly they will be needed. All Manufacturer's cups/day specifications are based upon an 8oz serving with numbers spread evenly throughout the day.

The Guru can provide "Machine Only" or a range of "Bespoke Packages" that gives you all you need to serve Espresso based Coffees. Full details shown in (click) Bean to Cup Shop Window   

WMF 1200S Bean to Cup MachineThe WMF 1200S Commercial Coffee Machine is entirely made in Germany from high quality materials. Every single Commercial Bean to Cup Machine is tested inside and out by experts before delivery. This high quality professional machine is designed for small to medium use. It can do anything your heart desires – from Espresso and Café Crème to Cappuccino, Café Latte, Latte Macchiato and even Milk Choc and Chociatto. With a simple push of a button, the 1200S delivers top quality coffee every time. The self-explanatory display makes the process sheer child's play. Its modern design, intuitive operation, proven professional WMF technology and the revolutionary cleaning concept make the 1200S coffee maker a wise choice for your needs. If that’s not enough, WMF machines are built to order in most cases, therefore there are many "build options” available throughout their range of machines. This enables you to “tailor” the machine to your specific requirements. It is as much at home in a small office, medical practice and fitness studio, as in a small bistro or petrol station, bakery or hairdresser's, in a fast food shop or hotel bar. With the appropriate accessories, the machine is a genuine all-rounder. The maximum daily usage for the WMF 1200S is Approx 100 Cups/day depending upon size of drink and quality settings.


  • Basic maintenance can be carried out by the user. Rare for a WMF Service Engineer to see the machine.
  • Removable Brewing Unit makes it easy to clean.
  • Unique “Plug and Clean” system cleans milk carrying parts. HACCP compliant. 
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • Large coffee grounds catcher
  • Height adjustable spouts
  • Touchscreen and Clear Graphics.
  • Removable Bean Container.
  • 4 Litre Water Tank or Plumbed in options
  • Chocolate option – As well Chocolate drinks, the machine can produce almost any Chocolate/Coffee creation.
  • Individual Labelling
  • All important parameters can be set using the two line display and five function keys.
  • 6 programmable buttons for direct coffee specialities. Second level drinks are triggered with a double click.
  • Pressing + or – for various times selects strong or mild, large or small.
  • Two LED’s light up the spout when delivery is in progress.
  • Eco Modes
  • Zero-Energy Function – When it’s off it’s OFF!  NO standby, NO electricity use.

Available Models:

  • 1 Grinder, Tank Fill, Integrated Milk Foamer
  • 1 Grinder, Mains Water (plumbed), Integrated Milk Foamer
  • 1 Grinder, Tank Fill, Chocolate, Integrated Milk Foamer
  • 1 Grinder, Mains Water (plumbed), Chocolate, Integrated Milk Foamer
  • 1 Grinder, Soluble Topping, Tank Fill
  • 1 Grinder, Soluble Topping, Mains Water (plumbed)
  • Optional Plug + Clean compatible WMF Milk Coolers

Colours Available: Black, Optional LED Illumination (changes colour of machine)

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