Tel: 07851 913345 for help and advice sourcing your coffee equipment


Tel: 07851 913345 for help and advice sourcing your coffee equipment


Tel: 07851 913345 for help and advice sourcing your coffee equipment


Jura IMPRESSA XJ9 Professional - Bean to Cup Machine



Bean to Cup machines are manufactured to different volume categories. The coffee machine has to be matched to daily cups/day requirements/estimates, drink size and how quickly they will be needed. All Manufacturer's cups/day specifications are based upon an 8oz serving with numbers spread evenly throughout the day.

The Guru can provide "Machine Only" or a range of "Bespoke Packages" that gives you all you need to serve Espresso based Coffees. Full details shown in (click) Bean to Cup Shop Window


The JURA IMPRESSA XJ9 Professional not only has stunning looks but serves a high quality range of drinks. Specification is 75 - 100 cups/day. It creates perfect latte macchiato, cappuccino, café crème, espresso and ristretto at the touch of a button. With the One-Touch Cappuccino/Latte macchiato function, you can prepare speciality coffees topped with milk and milk foam at simply the touch of a button. Thanks to the height-adjustable spout, the function can be used with both small designer cups as well as cups or glasses with a height of up to 150 mm. The new fine foam technology creates milk foam with a fine, feather-light consistency. A 3.5 inch TFT colour display is the key to the machine’s intuitive operating concept. Thanks to clear, visual user guidance, choosing specialities is incredibly simple. Ten specialities can be individually programmed. The IMPRESSA XJ9 Professional also delivers outstanding performance with its sophisticated eco-intelligence concept. Offering an intelligent Energy Save Mode and a Zero-Energy Switch, it actively helps you to save precious energy. The Jura XJ9 is available as "Tank Filll" or "Plumbed In".The Intelligent Fresh Water System (I.F.W.S.©) is needed to use the unique Intelligent Fresh Water Kit. This latest-generation, smart permanent water connection supplies fresh water for a superior quality coffee every time and is fully integrated in the coffee machine. Combined with an upstream CLARIS water filter system, it provides optimum protection against limescale.


As well as being easy to operate and programme, the machine is designed to be very easy to care for. The integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programmes reduce the effort involved to a minimum and guarantee TÜVcertified hygiene.


With a wide selection of accessories including a cup warmer, milk cooler, coffee grounds disposal function set, drip drain set and an attractive range of storage and presentation units, it is possible to create a complete coffee solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Professional Standards by JURA

  • Variable brewing unit, from 5g to 16g
  • Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.©)
  • Intelligent preheating
  • Active bean monitoring
  • Energy Save Mode (E.S.M.©) - 1 level
  • 1 x High-performance pump, 15 bar
  • 1 x Thermoblock heating system
  • 1 x Fluid systems
  • CLARIS filter cartridge CLARIS Pro Blue
  • Monitored drip tray
  • Maintenance status display
  • Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programme
  • Adjustable water hardness
  • JURA hygiene: TÜV-certified

Specific benefits

  • 1 x Latte macchiato at the touch of a button
  • 1 x Cappuccino at the touch of a button
  • 10 Individually programmable specialities
  • 1 x Aroma+ grinder1
  • Hot water 0.24L/min.
  • Powder recognition for second, ground coffee
  • TÜV certificate for user-friendly user manual

Settings and programming options

  • Programmable amount of water
  • Amount of water can be adjusted for each preparation
  • Programmable coffee strength - 5 levels
  • Coffee strength can be adjusted for each preparation
  • Programmable brewing temperature - 2 levels
  • Programmable amount of milk
  • Programmable hot water temperature - 3 levels
  • Rotary Switch for intuitive navigation
  • Resettable day counter

Design and materials

  • Brillant silver
  • TFT colour display
  • Height-adjustable coffee spout 65 – 111 mm
  • Width-adjustable coffee spout 20 – 50 mm
  • Height-adjustable cappuccino spout 110 – 153 mm
  • Amber cup illumination
  • White cup illumination


  • Water tank capacity 4 Litres
  • Coffee grounds container (servings) approx - 30
  • Bean container with aroma
  • preservation cover 500g
  • Cable length approx. 1.1 m
  • Voltage 220 – 240 V AC/10 A
  • Power 1450 W
  • Weight 13 kg
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 34 x 50 x 44 cm


  • Cup warmer optional
  • Professional accessory drawer optional
  • Cool Control optional
  • Milk Cooler Piccolo optional
  • Coffee grounds disposal set optional
  • Drip drain set optional
  • Coffee to Go equipment


















































































































































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