Tel: 07851 913345 for help and advice sourcing your coffee equipment


Tel: 07851 913345 for help and advice sourcing your coffee equipment


Tel: 07851 913345 for help and advice sourcing your coffee equipment


Expobar Diamant - 2 and 3 Group Espresso Machine 


The Guru can provide "Machine Only" or a range of "Bespoke Packages" that gives you all you need to serve Espresso based Coffees. Full details shown in (click)  Espresso Machine Shop Window and Commercial Coffee Machine Packages

Expobar Diamant

The Expobar Diamant Espresso Machine is truly the "Diamond Standard of Espresso". A hand picked Expobar design team are responsible for the Diamant’s technical excellence and stunning appearance. Available with 2 or 3 Groups, the Diamant Espresso Machine has many more features than most Traditional Espresso machines in the same price range. Over the years Expobars’ presence in the coffee industry has grown from strength to strength. The Diamant is at the pinnacle of stylish design and functionality. The exceptional design is a must for establishments where appearance plays a major part in their business image.

The Diamant is fully automatic with an electronic switchboard to control coffee dosages volumetrically. Featuring Expobar’s usual large automatic water filling copper boilers. Individual heat exchangers per group. Along with one Water Tap, it has a total of three Steam Arms. Two conventional lever operated “no burn” Steams Arms and a third with Auto Foaming and a temperature sensor. This allows for, totally automatic, perfect foaming with minimal operator input. These combined foaming options are unique to Expobar. 

Available as Standard and Takeaway Height at no extra cost. Takeaway Height allows for up to 16oz cup sizes to fit under the Group Heads without having to tilt the cup or use shot glasses. 

The Display Control models feature a state of the art LCD digital display that is normally reserved for the more expensive espresso machines on the market. The display doesn't just tell you time and date; It allows control of machine functions, audit trails and coffee management.

Available Models:

Standard and Takeaway Heights

2 Group - 11.5 Litre Boiler

3 Group - 17.5 Litre Boiler.


  • Full Automatic - 4 programmable dose controls/Group
  • Auto Fill Boiler
  • 2 Group features a large 11.5 Litre automatic water filling Copper Boiler. The 3 Group has a 17.5 Litre Boiler.
  • OPTIONAL 3 and 4 Boiler Barista Models have 1 Main Boiler plus a 1.5 Litre Boiler per Group for greater temperature control and capacity.
  • Individual heat exchangers per group with pressure relief valves.
  • 2 lever “NO BURN” Steam Arms plus: 1 Auto Foaming temperature sensor Steam Arm. 1 Hot Water Tap.
  • Automatic back-flush cleaning cycle per Group
  • Switch ON/OFF timer. Control and monitoring of boiler temperature through the display. Automatic dosing of hot water. Audit trails and memorization of total brewed coffees.
  • Advanced PID sensor to ensure water is maintained at exact brewing temperature.
  • Cup warmer to heat your cups to the correct temperature for espresso coffee.

Colours Available:  Standard Stock Colour: Pearl finish White.

Special Order:  Any Pantone Ref Colour.

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